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Canon Lens

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A perfect portrait lens of the highest quality with additional macro capability. The EF 100mmm f/2...
RM 1,799.00
RM 2,139.00 16%
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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Macro lens with Image Stabilizer setting new standards for perfo..
RM 2,788.00
RM 3,259.00 14%
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A high-quality, wide-angle zoom for a variety of subjects. The EF 17-40mm f/4L USM is an ultra wide..
RM 2,599.00
RM 3,009.00 14%
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Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM A versatile lens that delivers superb wide-angle images in any scenario. W..
RM 1,688.00
RM 2,019.00 16%
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The professional’s standard zoom lens. A professional-quality standard zoom that offers superlative..
RM 6,838.00
RM 7,569.00 10%
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Portable wide-angle lens offering great image quality and fast focusing. A 24mm prime lens with a f..
RM 2,399.00
RM 2,639.00 9%
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A classic wide-angle focal length with a wide maximum aperture for low light shooting. The design o..
RM 1,658.00
RM 2,039.00 19%
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A compact, affordable wide-angle lens that’s useful in a variety of situations. Portable and afford..
RM 2,199.00
RM 2,409.00 9%
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The ultimate mixture of versatility and image quality. With its fast maximum aperture and rapid foc..
RM 1,299.00
RM 1,659.00 22%
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An affordable, high quality standard lens with a fast maximum aperture. The compact and lightweight..
RM 309.00
RM 459.00 33%
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An affordable telephoto zoom with Image Stabilizer. Advanced three-stop Image Stabilizer (IS) techn..
RM 2,244.00
RM 2,669.00 16%
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A unique approach to telephoto zoom design. A unique design amongst telephoto zoom lenses. The EF 7..
RM 4,188.00
RM 4,829.00 13%
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