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Johoyo JY254A Professional Tripod + Johoyo Rock220A Camera Backpack

Brand: Johoyo
Product Code: Johoyo JY254A + Rock220A
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RM 860.00 RM 579.00

Johoyo JY254A Professional Tripod + Johoyo Rock220A Camera Backpack

Product Description of Johoyo JY254A Professional Tripod
Johoyo professional tripods are made from well-designed high-grade materials. The loading capacity, steadiness, and vibration resistance is suitable for the professional cameras. All the heads and tripods can be interchangeable with the same range of Johoyo professional tripod. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All the Johoyo professional tripods are engineered to have longer life span and reliable. The tripods legs have special locking system that allow user to extend or fold freely and quickly with smooth movement. Adopts high intensity aluminum allow, with strong and tough legs, good stability and strong mechanical design.
Unique button adjustment structure allows the tripods to achieve low angle shooting. Quick constructible monopod design fulfilled different shooting environment. This is enabling by detachable screw design for leg tube to combine with ball head to become a monopod. Johoyo Professional tripods design the reverse folding mechanism to further enhance the compactness for travelling.
Product Description of Johoyo Rock220A Camera Backpack
Johoyo Rock 220A backpack brings you dual compartments. You can keep personal items close at hand, pack your lunch box, light jacket and others in the versatile upper compartment, and arrange your DSLR and extra lenses in the flexible lower compartment. Side pocket allows you to quick draw your DSLR for shooting and front zippered pocket is for memory card, and accessories storage. Adjustable Shoulder harness system is designed to distribute weight evenly.

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